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Puppy preschool in Gardenvale | North Road Veterinary Centre

Puppy Preschool

At the North Road Veterinary Centre, we think early socialisation is vital for all puppies between 2-4 months of age, to help them develop into confident, well-behaved sociable dogs.

Did you know what your puppy learns in the first four months of life has a significant impact on their life as an adult dog. Why not get it right from the beginning and raise a happy, confident and well-mannered pup.

Our puppy preschool classes are conducted by Molly, a fully-qualified and experienced dog trainer and instructor.

With a Certificate 3 in Dog Behaviour and Training from the National Dog Trainers Federation, and ongoing studies in animal behaviour, Molly is your go-to-guru for all things pawsome..

Molly specialises in positive reinforcement training, her expertise and experience will ensure you get the best possible start to training, socialising and handling your puppy. 

Our puppy preschool program runs each month as a 4 week course, and classes are conducted on Sunday mornings for a 1 hour duration.

Classes are held in a relaxed, secure and friendly environment outside on the clinic premises, perfect for socialising and bonding with your new puppy.

Class sizes vary from month to month, and range from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 8 puppies.

The cost for this program is $200 (inc gst).

Bookings and enquiries can be made by phoning the clinic on (03) 9596 4804.

Puppy Preschool dates

  • Courses are conducted every month
  • Next upcoming course commences Sunday, 14 July, 9.30- 10.30am
  • Call the clinic on (03) 9596 4804 to book in


  • All puppies are required to be up to date with their vaccination program to participate (please bring your puppy's vaccination certificate to the first class), you will also need to bring a lead and collar as well as a bed/mat for placement training.

Our puppy classes are designed to

  • encourage exposure to other dogs, people and new places and different experiences in a positive manner
  • teach you how to manage common puppy behaviour effectively
  • help you to develop good leadership and puppy handling skills
  • introduce you to obedience training including lead handling skills, loose lead walking, the recall command and going to a place/spot/bed/mat
  • we give you the tools to help train your dog to be the best he/she can be
  • click here for more detailed information on course structure
Tegan with a pupp | Puppy preschool | North Road Veterinary Centre

What happens after puppy preschool

After puppy preschool, ongoing obedience training is important in helping your puppy develop into a well behaved dog. To assist with this, Molly also offers ongoing group training for pups 16-26 weeks of age,  and also one on one private training to help overcome any sticking points.


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