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Pharmacy at North Road Veterinary Centre in Gardenvale


We stock an extensive range of medications, both conventional and natural, for the treatment and prevention of illness.

Some medications are over the counter products and do not require a prescription eg medicated shampoos, parasite prevention, some arthritic support products.

Other medications, like in human medicine, are prescription only products eg antibiotics, anti-inflammatories. These can only be legally dispensed by a veterinarian for an animal under their care. Prescritpion medications will usually be dispensed by the veterinarian at the end of a consultation. If we do not stock a required medication on site, we can write a prescription enabling you to purchase the medication from a pharmacist. 

We also collaborate with Compounding Pharmacies, enabling easier administration for pets requiring multiple medications.

Repeat prescription medications are sometimes required, and are also often needed for animals with long-term conditions eg heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes.

It is a legal requirement for pets on long-term medication to have regular examinations, at least 6 monthly, in case their health or medication requirements change.

We ask you to call ahead for authorisation and preparation of repeat medication. At least 24 hours notice is required. Compounding medications require a minimum of 1 week notice.

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