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Good preventative health care for your pet is important for a healthy life.

There are three main categories of parasites that are of concern for your pet.

  • Intestinal worms
  • Fleas and ticks
  • Heartworm

Parasite control programs are important to help keep your pets and family safe from internal and external parasites. 

We recommend that you administer a broad spectrum parasite control all year round to control and prevent these parasites. Several combination treatments are available at our clinic making it easier for you to ensure good parasite control.

Our team is able to give you advice on tailoring an effective and appropriate preventative plan to best suit you and your pet's needs.

Advice Sheets

Parasite Control in Puppies and Dogs

Parasite Control in Kittens and Cats


Parasite Control | Wellness & Wellbeing | North Road Veterinary Centre
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