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Work in the Community | North Road Veterinary Centre


North Road Vet Centre was established in 1969.  Drs Andrew and Wendy Milledge have been the proud owners since 1990, and our team continues to pride itself on supporting our community.

Victorian Dog Rescue

We are proud supporters of, and provide veterinary care to Victorian Dog Rescue. This is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers whose purpose is to decrease the number of dogs euthanised in Victorian pounds each year, fostering and rehoming these animals. Most dogs end up in pounds through no fault of their own, and deserve a second chance.

It is a registered charity and all donations are tax-deductible. Visit their website

Cat Adoption

We are pleased to assist in placing orphans, particularly kittens, in homes every year with the help of dedicated cat lovers and pet owners in our community.

All orphans receive complete health management, including a full vet check, vaccination, microchip, worming and flea treatment... and are very spoilt by our nursing team!        

Wildlife Care

Our team of dedicated nurses and vets provide injured and abandoned wildlife with care and support. Possums, birds (pigeons, doves, seagulls, even the odd swan and comorant) are commonly cared for at our clinic. In some cases animals may be transferred to registered wildlife carers, where they are nurtured further until release.

School and University Students

We are pleased to be able to support our local school communities providing work experience for their students.

We support Veterinary Science students with pre-clinical and clinical study placements; some of these students are given the opportunity for employment in our boarding cattery, providing them with invaluable experience during their studies to become a vet.

Work in the Community | North Road Veterinary Centre
Work in the Community | North Road Veterinary Centre
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