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Radiology | Diagnostics Services | North Road Veterinary Centre


Our hospital is equipped with a purpose-built radiology suite, with digital radiography.

Xrays are an important and commonly used diagnostic tool. They enable us to assess abnormalities with bones and internal organs. They help us diagnose :

  • bone fractures
  • arthritis and other joint abnormalities
  • heart and lung problems
  • abdominal problems, including intestinal obstructions 

Digital radiography gives us instant and high quality results, and also enables us to email xrays to specialists if we require immediate further opinions or advice.

Dental X-rays

Our hospital is also equipped with a digital dental xray facility enabling us to fully assess the extent of dental disease in your pet. 

Dental x-rays are critical for diagnosing disease under the gumline. 50% of the tooth anatomy cannot be seen, so without these x-rays, the disease can be left undiagnosed.

We recommend dental x-rays for most dental procedures.

Conditions that can be diagnosed with x-ray that may not be visualised :

  • extra or missing teeth
  • fractured teeth
  • crowding and rotation of teeth
  • resorptive lesions (common in cats)
  • periodontal disease
  • jaw problems e.g. malocclusions, jaw fractures, cysts
  • oral growths
  • infection e.g. abscess
Radiology | Diagnostics Services | North Road Veterinary Centre
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