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Pathology | Laboratory Diagnostics | North Road Vet


Our hospital is equipped with full in-house pathology facilities, as well as accessing external pathology labs. Our in-house lab enables us to perform many tests on site and so receive results quickly.

These include:

  • Blood tests
  • Urines tests
  • Cytology (eg  for skin and ear infections)
  • Needle biopsies

Diagnostic testing is sometimes necessary to help determine your pet's health status and help diagnose illness. Together with a physical examination and medical history these tests can assist in diagnosis and treatment tailored to your pet's needs.

Pre-anaesthetic blood tests are also recommended for all animals undergoing an anaesthetic. This provides useful information about the kidneys, liver and blood before proceeding with a general anaesthetic, and so minimising risk to your pet.

Pathology | Laboratory Diagnostics | North Road Veterinary Centre
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