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Pet Insurance

We strongly recommend pet insurance for all pets. We urge you to take out a policy as soon as you bring your new pet home.

Our pets are much loved family members. Insurance provides extra piece of mind, and allows you to provide the best quality of care for your pet, and relieve the financial stress associated with costs from an unexpected serious illness or accident.

We are unable to recommend or endorse any specific company or policy. As in human health insurance, there are many policies available. The cover provided from different products can vary considerably, ranging from accident-only to lifetime cover policies for accident and illness.

We urge you to read carefully the details of policies on offer and choose one that best suits you and your pets needs. Consider:

  • Policies often have medical exclusion waiting periods, typically up to 30 days
  • Options of accident only or accident and illness cover.
  • Pre-existing conditions may not be covered.
  • Breed specific genetic conditions may not be covered.
  • There may be an upper age limit for a new policy.
  • The excess on each claim.
  • Percentage cover on each claim.
  • Some may have annual claim limits.
  • Some may offer routine veterinary care options.
  • Some may offer a discount for multiple pets.
  • The ease of making a claim.

A pet is for life, pet insurance enables you to provide the very best veterinary care for life.

Pet Insurance | Animal Wellness | North Road Veterinary Centre
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