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Services and equipment | North Road Veterinary Centre

Services and equipment

At the North Road Veterinary Centre we offer a comprehensive range of veterinary and pet health-related services for your cat and dog, including:


are conducted by appointment 7 days per week. 20 minute appointments are allocated to ensure adequate time is given for a thorough and complete examination. 30 minute appointments are allocated for puppy and kitten consultations so we can fully discuss your new pet's needs.

Wellness plans

i.e. regular check-ups with blood tests to rule out (or confirm) potential problems and to provide a basis for monitoring in the future, especially tailored for senior pets. As your pet enters his/her senior years it is important to be on the look out for diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes, thyroid disease. Early recognition of health problems ensures that your pet's health is optimised.

Emergency Care

our Centre is open 7 days per week, and provides Emergency care for your pet during our clinic hours. However we cannot provide a continuous treatment and monitoring service overnight. Seriously ill patients or out of hours emergencies often require intensive and ongoing care during the night. For this reason we refer after hours emergencies to a dedicated overnight Emergency Centre.

The Emergency Centres listed below provide a high standard of emergency care out of normal clinic opening hours and are open on all public holidays.   

  • Pet Emergency and Specialist Centre :1103 Dandenong Road, East Malvern Ph:9569 3677
  • Animal Emergency Centre :248 Wickham Road, Highett Ph:9532 5261
  • CARE :5 Hood Street, Collingwood Ph:9417 6417
  • Animal Emergency Centre :37 Blackburn Road, Mount Waverley Ph:9803 8122

Weight loss programs

dietary advice, regular weigh-ins, prescription diet foods, shedding of unwanted kilos as part of a preventative wellness program. Obesity can lead to a range of serious health problems for your pet as well as shorten his/her life. On going management and regular weigh-ins and reviews at the clinic are an important part in your pet's weight control program, our staff are trained to advise you and individualise weight control programs for your pet.

Preventative health care

vaccinations, parasite control, related dietary advice, with individual tailoring to your pet. Good preventative health care is important for a healthy life. We stock a full range of parasite products and lifestyle diets to best suit your pet. A range of diseases can also be be prevented by vaccinations and an appropriate program tailored for your pet's requirements.


losing a dog or cat is distressing but identification in the form of a small microchip implanted under your pet's skin will help enormously in its safe return. Microchipping enables permanent identification and can be performed in a consultation. It is now a necessary requirement for council registration. Our clinic is an accredited microchip centre, we are also able to scan a pet that has strayed and reunite it with its owner.


fully equipped sterile surgical suite with complete anaesthetic and monitoring facilities: e.g. ECG, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels. Surgical procedures are performed Monday-Friday, ranging from routine general procedures ie speys, castrations, lump removals to more complex soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeries.


we recommend early desexing for dogs, cats and rabbits to help prevent some serious medical diseases in later life and also to avoid potential behavioural problems. Desexing is performed as a day procedure in our hospital, with your pet being admitted for surgery early in the morning and discharged in the evening.


a healthy set of teeth and gums is essential for your pet's long-term preventative wellness program. We advise appropriate strategies to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Regular dental checks are important, as often early signs of dental disease are not detected by owners.

Dental disease is one of the most common conditions diagnosed in companion animals. Untreated dental disease results in infection and discomfort in the mouth and may lead to serious health problems. In some cases your pet may require a general anaesthetic to treat dental disease, dental xrays are also done to assess the extent of the disease. Teeth can be scaled and polished to avoid the build-up of harmful bacteria-laden calculus and gingivitis, but unfortunately sometimes teeth may need to be removed. Many common senior health issues relate to an unhealthy mouth.


we stock an extensive range of drugs, both conventional and natural, for the treatment and prevention of illness. For repeat prescription medications, we advise you to call ahead to organise pick up. It is also a legal requirement for pets on long-term medication to have regular check ups, in case their health or medication requirements change.


full in-house pathology facilities as well as access to external pathology labs. We can test your pet's blood and urine immediately for a wide range of abnormalities to help us in the diagnosis and management of your pet's illness. Also we may test healthy animals as part of a wellness program to ensure that we pick up the early signs of disease at a stage where management can be more successful. If all the tests are normal, we use the results as the basis for an ongoing surveillance program.

Purpose-built radiology suite

with digital radiography. Xrays are an important diagnostic tool, digital radiography gives us instant and high quality results, and also enables us to email xrays to specialists if we require immediate further opinions or advice.


a very useful non-invasive device that emits high frequency sound waves to help in the examination of the chest and abdomen. It is an important diagnostic tool in helping to diagnose internal problems and can usually be performed without sedation or general anaesthesia.

Access to specialist referral

when necessary: i.e. soft tissue and orthopaedic surgeons, medical specialists (including eye specialists and oncologists), dental specialists, behaviour specialists. We consult with veterinary specialists on a regular basis and in some cases a referral for your pet may be recommended if we feel more specialsed diagnostic tests or if a specilaist opinion is required.

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