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Merchandise & Preventative Health | North Road Veterinary

Pet Merchandise and Preventative Health Care

We stock a comprehensive range of lifestyle and prescription foods and preventative health care products to suit your pet's needs:

Hill’s Science Diets, Royal Canin, Advance:

We stock a wide range of premium lifestyle diets for all age ranges and sizes of cats and dogs, providing optimum nutrition for your pet. Our staff are well trained to provide you with nutritional advice.We also stock a full range of Prescription Diets providing optimal nutritional support for animals with specific medical conditions eg kidney disese, bladder stones, intestinal disease, obesity

Heartworm, gastrointestinal worm and flea prevention products:

There are three main categories of parasites in dogs and cats that can affect your pet's health- intestinal worms, heartworm and fleas. We carry a full range of products to individually tailor a parasite control program that will best suit you and your pet/s. Our staff are fully trained to advise you on effective and appropriate options.

Pet grooming needs

shampoos, brushes etc. Our qualified dog groomer, Clea, has years of experience to help guide you on the most appropriate grooming equipment and shampoo to maintain a healthy coat condition for your pet.

Wide range of collars and leads, and pet toys and accessories

Our staff are qualified to guide you on collar and lead choices that will best suit your dog, this can be particularly confusing with new puppies. And of course it is important that your puppy or kitten's playtime is safe, we have a wide range of play-safe toys!

Food treats

We stock a large range of chew treats for your pet. Not only do they taste good but they also help with tartar control!

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